Tyler Joseph Ukulele Top 25 Songs

Tyler Joseph is the lead singer of the duo band Twenty One Pilots (TOP), which he formed together with his friend Josh Dun the drummer. With their fourth album Blurryface they achieved the breakthrough and in just two years they became well known throughout as well as outside USA. Tyler is a talented musician who started playing piano during his late childhood but couldn’t get into music school. That did not stop him from pursuing a music career, so he started writing his own songs and together with few of his friends started a local band. Their early gigs were not very successful and soon his mates backed out, so he recruited Josh Dun and together they started performing on bigger stages. Tyler’s music is comprised of various styles combining in unique ways, creating a mix of rap, indie and ballads. His songs are sometimes influenced by his Christianity and full of meaningful lyrics, which bring out emotions especially in the acoustic versions with piano and ukulele. Here is a selection of Tyler Joseph’s best 10 ukulele songs:

  • 1. Stressed out: Stressed out is one of the biggest hits by Twenty One Pilots. The ukulele version is in many ways better than original, because it brings out the emotions and pain of the lyrics. It’s main theme is the struggle of growing up and becoming more and more frustrated as compared to innocent childhood.

    2. Car Radio: An acoustic version of this song was delivered by Tyler Joseph and his ukulele, along with the soft beat of drummer Josh Dunn. This song is filled up with a depressing vibe and a helpless feeling of being lost without a radio in the car because someone stole it.

    3. Isle of Flightless Birds: Listening to Tyler Joseph’s live performance of this song using ukulele and drums can motivate anyone who is wasting their potential to start thinking about their lives. It is dedicated to all who grew wings but haven’t yet learned to fly (“Flightless Birds”).

    4. Ride: While playing for a small group of fans, Tyler Joseph played a new remix of the song Ride, using only the ukulele and his voice. The simple melody and fast flowing lyrics have the power to captivate and make you sway while wishing the song would never end.

    5. Lane Boy: This song talks about the common problems many talented musical artists face nowadays. The somewhat aggressive lyrics and cracking voice of Tyler are perfectly matched by the sharp strings sounds of the ukulele in the acoustic version.

    6. Polarize: One more song off the Blurryface album is named Polarize. Tyler and his ukulele are once again captivating in the live session, giving the impression of a person crying for help, not knowing the right from wrong and how to face his fears.

    7. Holding onto you: Tyler’s dialogue with God in the fast rapping style accompanied by sound of ukulele is an overwhelming experience. This song is full of hidden meanings and complex feelings, so every listener can interpret it differently.

    8. House of Gold: This lovely song with a playful melody and a funky rhythm can’t keep any listener unaffected. Tyler’s voice is soothing and clean, making it a perfect song to listen while travelling in a car.

    9. We don’t believe what’s on TV: A satirical song about finding your own way and open mindedness with a slow dreamy beat of uke.

    10 Tear in my heart: The opening line of this song is good enough to understand the meaning of broken heart and why it is important to let it tear. The acoustic version by Tyler Joseph meets all the standards of the talent and creativity needed to fall in love with its simplicity and meaningful message.

    11. Addict with a pen

    The pair that is twenty-one pilot’s Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun gave a large applause for their strong live sets and a different mix of piano-driven pop and lyrical uplift. No unpopular people to the way, twenty-one pilots has created an emotional national following through their strong live performances at countless news shows and tours.

    12. Heathens

    Extracted from the No. 1 Suicide Squad soundtrack, “Heathens” has blurred beats and evolved into yet different huge song for Tyler. It was ranked at No. 2 on the Hot 100, Adult Top 40 and Mainstream Top 40 while winning Hot Rock Songs

    13. Doubt

    Doubt is an album song from the lead 10 set Blurry face that is added up easily by the title. The song is filled with doubt with an attractive rhythm with lyrics like “Don’t forget about me album carrying it through the first half.

    14. Friend, Please

    Twenty one pilots individual aired out their individual-titled appearance album in 2009. The list was more moving and photographic tonally and “Friend, Please” is evocative of the previous work by Muse.

    15. Screen

    In 2013, twenty one pilots aired out their third studio album Vessel, the first on a bigger list. “Screen” is distinct in a view that it is thepairs changing tone fused with a Jason Mraz-like song.

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