55 Awesome Ukulele Accessories

Ukulele, one the most popular string instruments is strongly related to Hawaiian music. It is a very compact instrument and is a part of the guitar family. It is an easy instrument to learn for beginners. The standard Ukulele consists of four strings, although a few types consist of eight.

People and artisans all over the world are passionate about ukulele accessories and build a unique collection of different ukulele types and accessories.
Let us have a look at some of the popular ukulele accessories.

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  • Leather Bags

Classy leather bags to carry ukuleles look very elegant and define the craftsman in you.

  • Case Bag with Storage

Waterproof backpack or shoulder case bag come in different sizes and colors.

  • Ukulele Box

Steel stringed, fanned ukulele boxes made up of tropical exotic woods for those who want to own a unique accessory.

  • Ukulele Strings

Lay your hands on specially designed synthetic strings which absorb less moisture and provide better intonation and accuracy.

  • Portable Stands

Portable stands for ukuleles come with soft cushions made of silicon pads on all the touching points. They consist of a custom bottom part for better stability.

  • Ukulele Bracelets

Cute little bracelets with a shape of a ukulele instrument attached.

  • Wall Mount

Wooden wall mount for hanging ukuleles. The mount can hold up to three instruments. Pre-drilled holes are already set to clamp the hanger to the wall.

  • Ukulele Straps

Machine sewn, light weight and soft straps with lovely leather ends give a unique look to the instrument.

  • Strap Buttons

Handmade brown colored leather strap buttons for all the ukulele sizes.

  • Tabs Book

What better than a book providing details on 16 different tunes and techniques. “Now is the hour” is one of the popular books to teach yourself how to play the ukulele.

  • Head Accessory

Decorated with hibiscus flowers, this ribbon head accessory looks uber-cool on the uke.

  • T-shirts

Cool t-shirts for students who have the artistic vibe in them and want to display their love for ukulele to the world.

  • Clipart

Digital art for the love of Ukulele. High-resolution clipart images for personal or business use.

  • Keychains

Hand painted wooden keychains painted with acrylic for true music lovers.

  • Ukulele Pins

Show your passion for Ukulele by flaunting these pins made up of hard enamel with a gold finish.

  • Ukulele Merit Badges

A set of 3 embroidered merit badges which are a beautiful touch to cases or t-shirts.

  • Poster Wall Art

Downloadable graphic files with ukulele prints for wall art purposes.

  • Comic PDF

A PDF art showing a cute adorable dog playing his ukulele which can be printed in the form of a table centerpiece.

  • Bling Accessory

Handmade skull with glass beads made up of rhinestones which can be used as an accessory for your favorite instrument.

  • Heart Charm Accessory

Another ukulele accessory in silver and navy-blue color with hearts of rhinestones.

  • Ukulele String Ring

Show off this ring while strumming. It is made of Koa with a nylon string embedded in it.

  • Boho Bag

Define your hippie personality with this stylish boho bag made up of hmong fabric. This bag can carry various instruments such as the ukulele and other similar items.

  • Kitchen Spoons

Set of four measuring spoons along with a display stand in the form of different instruments. Need a quarter teaspoon, reach out for the ukulele.

  • Pendant necklace

For all the ladies, this brass-finished pendant in the shape of Ukulele is a unique accessory for you. It comes along with an adjustable necklace cord.

  • Ukulele Earrings

Again for beautiful ladies, these vibrant Ukulele earrings can spice up your whole outfit.

  • Ukulele Handkerchief

Vintage handkerchief with flowers and Ukulele design.

  • Bow-Tie

Handmade cotton bow-tie featuring a Hawaiian Ukulele player with a background of tropical plants and blue Ocean.

  • Lunch-box

For snacking in between your sessions and gigs, this lunch box in the shape of Ukulele is made up of recycled material.

  • Cigar box Ukulele Kit

Build your own cigar box Ukulele. Comes with all the parts and pieces required to build this along with a 14 page manual.

  • Elastic Capo

Strong elastic Capo is specially designed for the“convenience”. It is popular for its light-weighted ness. Important feature is that it has slides which don’t need to be unfastened.

  • Aluminum Alloy Capo

Durable and portable aluminum alloy capo having soft silicone pad to protect ukulele against any damages.

  • Ukulele Strings Set

High quality “nylgut” strings to make the playing experience smooth and natural.

  • Ukulele Humidifier

Long lasting humidifier with a mounting structure that allows the humidifier to hang in horizontal alignmentwith the instrument.

  • Ukulele Stickers

Stickers resembling real inlay stickers look good and cover original dots without affecting the sound of Ukulele.

  • Tropical Plants Inlay Stickers

Another set of beautiful stickers to give a lively look to your instrument. These stickers are adhesive free and leave no marks when peeled off.

  • Vintage Decal

Handmade decal with beautiful vintage flower design making your Ukulele look ultra-cool.

  • Ukulele Wood Stand

Stylish, durable wood stand designed to fit small size instruments like ukulele. Scratch free and light stand, it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Ukulele Tuner

Digital tuner for ukulele with clip on side to ensure convenience.

  • Adjustable Strap

Adjust strap to hold Ukulele steady and to get a comfortable hold while playing.

  • Colorful Picks

These colorful picks made up of synthetic material are better than the typical plastic picks and give an authentic mellow sound.

  • Coin Picks

Different coin picks showcasing all the 50 US states with different designs.

  • Poster Set

Ukulele lovers will love this set of three posters on Banjo and Ukulele made up of archival inks.

  • Keep Calm Phone Cases

Very good quality phone cases for iPhone series- 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6 Plus. Can be a great gift option.

  • Chord Stamp

Perfect item for the beginners to learn new chords.

  • Chords Print

Chord chart with hand drawn chords is perfect for novices.

  • Children Learning Prints

Want to teach your children how to play Ukulele? What better than these cute and easy to read Ukulele basics.

  • Strap Kit

A “do it yourself” strap kit which can work with any 1 inch wide strap. Perfect for weavers.

  • Mermaid Charm

This set of three beautiful ceramic mermaids playing Ukulele can be adorned in your living room.

  • Oil Painting

Painting showing a girl playing her Ukulele on a lazy day is a great artwork which you can place in your home.

  • Art Sheet

Art sheet showcasing a sexy lady playing a Ukulele printed in vintage fashion.

  • Miniatures

Set of 12 handmade Ukulele miniatures which can be used as ornaments.

  • Ukulele Towels

Japanese hand dyed towels with Ukulele Hawaiian patterned design.

  • Ukulele Mug

Ukulele mugs are great gift items for mini-artists or coffee-lovers.

  • Ukulele Invitations

Beautiful invitations with a vintage flare having Ukulele in the background. It is a perfect way of celebrating music events or parties.

  • Video Course

Perfect Ukulele learning course for beginners with all the basics explained.