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best ranch ukulele

Top Six Best Ranch Ukuleles 

Ranch Guitar has been in business since 1993 and has built a solid reputation for high-quality instruments at affordable prices ...
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10 Best ADM Ukulele: Unbiased Review

ADM Koa Plywood Concert 23 Inch Intermediate Professional Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Brown Alldaysmusic, more commonly known as ...
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Best Fender Fullerton Ukulele: An Electrifying Review

Although Fender is best known for their guitars, the electrifying new Fender Fullerton Ukuleles will undoubtedly explode in popularity.  We ...
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8 Best Mahalo Ukulele: Unbiased Review

Mahalo Ukulele is very popular because its classical Ukulele's are nylon-stringed. These are amazing instruments.  Mahalo is one of the ...
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pomikai ukulele 2

Best Pomaikai Ukulele: Unbiased Review

POMAIKAI Soprano Ukulele Beginner 21 inch Mahogany Ukalalee Small Hawaiian Guitar Ukeleles for Kids Beginners Adults with Gig Bag ...
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3 Best Donner Ukulele’s: Unbiased Review

Buying a good quality Donner Ukulele is not something that you can do impulsively. Though this instrument may feel universal ...
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Best Cordoba Ukuleles: Unbiased Review

The highly regarded Ukuleles and classical nylon-stringed guitars are the reasons for the popularity of Cordoba. They are best known ...
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2 Best Hricane Ukulele’s: Unbiased Review

Hricane Ukuleles are now becoming more famous with children and adults. These instruments vary in size, tones, and color, so ...
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31 Best Oscar Schmidt Ukuleles: Unbiased Review

When it comes to Ukuleles, it’s difficult to ignore the ukulele offerings from Oscar Schmidt. The Oscar Schmidt Company makes ...
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7 Best Hola! Music Ukuleles: Unbiased Review

Whether by choice or by chance, you may have heard a ukulele on some of your favorite records.  When “someone ...
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8 Best Lohanu Ukulele’s: Unbiased Review

When you think of uniqueness, you can't think far ahead of the distinct sound of the ukulele. These four-stringed guitar-like ...
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9 Best Fender Ukuleles: Unbiased Review

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Top 10 Sites For Online Ukulele Lessons & Courses For Beginners

Learning how to play ukulele Whether you’re picking up your ukulele for the very first time or are ready to ...
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best ukuleles for beginners

Best Ukuleles for Beginners

What is the best ukulele for a beginner? The answer depends on the person who plans to play the uke, ...
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10 Best Baritone Ukuleles

If you’ve never hear the sound of a baritone ukulele, you’re in for a treat. Warmer, mellower, and deeper than ...
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61x5BpBIZeL. SL1200

Best Electric Ukuleles

After analyzing hundreds of Amazon reviews, we’ve chosen ten of the best electric ukuleles for your consideration, plus we’ve assembled ...
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Best Ukuleles for Intermediate and Advanced Players

You’ve built your skills and can play quite a few ukulele tunes. Congratulations are in order, as you’re no longer ...
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10 Best Lanikai Ukuleles: Unbiased Review

If you’re looking for a true Hawaiian ukulele, consider choosing an instrument made by Lanikai. Handmade on the island of ...
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10 Best Tenor Ukuleles

If you like the sweet, classic sound of the ukulele but are of larger stature, then you might enjoy playing ...
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Best Strings for Ukuleles

Ukuleles rely on strings, and with the best, highest-quality strings, you’ll get the best performance that your ukulele is capable ...
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Top 10 Best Luna Ukulele: Unbiased Review

Made by one of the world’s most popular guitar manufacturers, Luna ukuleles are affordably priced, yet comfortable to play. Offering ...
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10 Most Popular Ukulele Brands

Ukuleles are fun to play, and people love the bright, cheerful music they make. Whether you’re brand new to playing ...
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10 Best Kala Ukuleles: Unbiased Review

Designed and hand-crafted in the small town of Petaluma, California, Kala USA ukuleles are built with hand-picked wood and quality ...
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Best Ukulele Tuners

It's important to tune your ukulele regularly so that it sounds right, and so you can play well with others ...
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guitar tricks review

Review: Guitar Tricks Online Guitar Lessons [Purchased and Tested]

*Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. Here's our take ...
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Top 10 Sites For Online Ukulele Lessons For Beginners

Learning how to play ukulele Whether you’re picking up your ukulele for the very first time or are ready to ...
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Best Guitalele Brands

The Guitalele is a small stringed instrument that’s essentially a hybrid between a classical guitar and a ukulele. It’s tuned ...
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Top 9 Ukulele Tutorial YouTube Channels

The ukulele is currently meeting its prime time with its constantly growing mainstream popularity. The instrument has sneaked its way ...
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Best Concert Ukuleles for Beginners

After reviewing some of the best ukuleles in the consumer and enthusiast markets, we’ve found that the Oscar Schmidt OU5 ...
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Best Ukulele Bass Guitars

If you are into Ukulele bass guitars, then we have a treat for you today. In this article, we will ...
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Best Left Handed Ukuleles

Have you tried unsuccessfully to adapt a right handed ukulele for left handed playing? Have you tried to turn the ...
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Best Ukulele for Kids

Kids and music: They’re a perfect match for one another! When it comes to selecting a great instrument for your ...
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Best Budget & Affordable Ukuleles Under $100

Sing-along jams and ukulele festivals are popping up all over, thanks to a trend that has music lovers picking up ...
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Xiaomi Populele In Review

I was asked to review the Xiaomi Populele U1 ukulele by Popuband. Most of the reviews I have done in ...
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ukulele buddy tools

Introducing Ukulele Buddy: Resources and Tools

Ready to learn ukulele? Beginners, your search for an amazing instructor is over. JP Allen of Kapaa, Hawaii, has revolutionized ...
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ukulele buddy lessons

Is UkeBuddy Really Worth it? Unbiased Review

We wanted to see whether Ukulele Buddy’s online lessons were worth the investment, so we purchased the course, played along, ...
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Best Bouzouki Brands

What’s that instrument you’re playing? Many people want to know – and now that the bouzouki is becoming more popular, ...
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Paul Mansell

Paul Mansell is an author, performer and ukulele teacher based in England. His debut album ‘Me, My Ukulele & I’ ...
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mika kane

Mika Kane

Mika Kane was born and raised on the island of Maui. He picked up his first 'ukulele at the age ...
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Top 10 Best Soprano Ukuleles

Soprano ukuleles are hot these days. Believe it or not, these cheerful little instruments were first introduced in the 1800s ...
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Ukulele Reviews

Reviews By Type Best Ukuleles For Beginners Intermediate and Advanced Best Ukulele for Kids Left Handed Ukuleles Best Affordable Ukuleles ...
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uke ukulele magazine

Top Ukulele Magazines & Publications

While the humble ukulele has become synonymous to the Hawaiian islands, the instrument’s influence in music has traveled far and ...
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Ukulele Music Info Musical Studies Scholarship is proud to announce the winner of the first annual scholarship - Lyndsey Larsen of the Mason Gross School of ...
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victoria vox ukulele

Victoria Vox

Photo credit | Victoria Vox Singer-songwriter Victoria Vox was born in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, in 1978. She learned to play ...
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nelly mckay

Nellie McKay

Photo credit | Nellie McKay Born in London on April 13, 1982, Nellie McKay is a singer-songwriter and actress. A ...
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ingrid michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson

Photo credit | Ingrid Michaelson American singer and songwriter Ingrid Michaelson was born December 8, 1979, on Staten Island, New ...
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zee avi2

Zee Avi

Photo credit | Zee Avi Born on December 15, 1985, Zee Avi is a Malaysian guitarist, visual artist, singer-songwriter, and ...
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Photo credit | Coconami Described as “two Japanese stranded in Munich, Germany,” Coconami includes Mitsuyoshi Miyajimi and Nami Kashiwagi. The ...
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The Wellington International Orchestra

Photo credit | WIUO The Wellington International Orchestra hails from New Zealand, where they gained popularity before becoming a worldwide ...
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dent may2

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

Photo credit | Dent May Born in Jackson Mississippi, Dent May started his musical career while attending Jackson Prep before ...
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rocky leon

Rocky Leon

Photo credit | Rocky Leon As Rocky Leon puts it, his focus is on “Good-times jump-around rock, reggae, hip-hop and ...
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Lohanu LU C

Lohanu LU-C Ukulele Concert Size Bundle Review

Item Weight: 2.5 pounds Dimensions: 25 x 10.3 x 4 inches Model: LU-CE-C Check Amazon Deals Any ukulele player looking for a good ...
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Kala KA-15S Soprano ukulele Review

A very inexpensive instrument that’s popular with beginners and experts alike, the Kala KA-15S Soprano ukulele offers a classic appearance ...
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Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Concert Ukulele Review

Distinctive style details, a classic shape, and a beautiful sound add up to a very popular instrument. The Luna Mahogany ...
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diamond head du 150 soprano ukulele

Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele Review

Beginning ukulele players looking for a fantastic price and a decent instrument will find the Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele ...
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Lanikai LU 21T Ukulele

Lanikai LU-21T Tenor Ukulele Review

If you’re looking for a solid ukulele at an affordable price, then the Lanikai LU-21T tenor ukulele is worth taking ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Ukulele

We’ve offered plenty of tips on choosing ukuleles and accessories, and now it’s time to explore some options concerning where ...
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picks sm2

The Complete Guide to Ukulele Picks

If you’re brand new to the ukulele, you may be wondering about ukulele picks and which ones are best. Watch ...
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Best Ukulele Accessories

55 Awesome Ukulele Accessories

Ukulele, one the most popular string instruments is strongly related to Hawaiian music. It is a very compact instrument and ...
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Best Cases For Ukulele

If you have a Ukulele, a case is a must for you to have. You see, there is no way ...
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Our Top 10 Gig Bags For Ukulele

If you are looking for the best gig bag for ukulele then we got a treat for you in this ...
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Top 10 Ukulele Capos

What is a capo and why do we even have to look for the best ukulele capos? A capo is ...
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10 Best Straps For Ukulele

Straps have always been a great add on for musicians not only for the comfort part but also to showcase ...
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The Best Ukulele Stands

So, you’ve just purchased yourself a ukulele! Congratulations on being the owner of such a fun, fantastic instrument. Though you ...
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The Best Ukulele Books & Instructional DVDs

After analyzing hundreds of Amazon reviews, we’ve chosen some of the best ukulele books and instructional DVDs on the market ...
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