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Brittni Paiva is one of the most talented Ukulele players in the US today. Paiva is a multi award winning ukulele instrumentalist from Hilo, Hawaii. She began her journey with piano lessons at the age of four and later fell in love with the Ukulele. From pop, alternative, to dance music, Paiva is constantly reinventing herself through the Ukulele. I had the honor to interview Paiva via email.

Please introduce yourself to our ukulele community
My name is Brittni, I am born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, and I’ve been playing the ukulele for 18 years. I have five solo albums in release and am currently working on my sixth.

What is your musical background?
When I was 4 years old, I began taking classical piano lessons. I was trained under the Suzuki method, which focuses a lot on ear training. I continued piano lessons until I was 11 years old, when I picked up the ukulele.

Can you tell us about the title you selected for your album, Tell U What?
When my producer and I were writing the first track on the album, we realized that the song had a sort of spunk to it, like a little bit of attitude. As we were playing around with words, “Tell U What” came up and it just kind of stuck. I was really happy with how the song came out so I decided to name the whole album after it, haha.

What do you love most about playing the ukulele?
One of the things I love most about playing the ukulele is that no matter where you are in the world, as soon as you bring it out and begin playing it, it makes everyone smile.

What are your plans for the future, do you have any new albums or tours in the works?
Yes! I’m currently taking a short break from touring to work on my 6th solo album. I’m venturing off into new musical territory with this project so I’m very excited to release it!

What tips or advice can you give beginner ukulele players?
Never give up! There may be some songs or techniques that seem impossible to learn, but the key is to take it slow, section by section at a time, and you’ll get it down no problem!

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