Top 10 Best Jasmine Guitars Reviewed for 2020

If you’re looking at Jasmine guitars as your latest musical acquisition, you won’t be disappointed. Made by Takemine — one of the most reputable guitar manufacturers in the world — Jasmine guitars give superior sound quality at highly affordable prices. But which ones are the best Jasmine guitars?

The answer to this question depends on your playing ability, whether you value accessories and bundles, how much money you have to spend, and which body style you prefer. Are you all-in for the big, beefy sounds of a dreadnought? Or are you looking for something smaller and more simple to play, such as a classical? We have the scoop on best Jasmine guitars for players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Here’s our top pick:

1. Jasmine 6-String Acoustic Guitar, Dreadnought (JD36-NAT)

Nice dreadnought-style guitar with big, robust sound and ample stage presence, the Jasmine JD36 sells for around $146 without any extras. All your money goes toward purchasing an instrument that sounds like it costs hundreds of dollars more.

  • Select spruce top and sapele back

  • Advanced X bracing

  • Dreadnought design for rich, bold tone

  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge

Perfect Price Point for Jasmine Guitars

The JD36 offers big sound quality for a small price tag. One of the best-sounding, lower-priced guitars on the market, this Jasmine model by Takamine is completely comparable to instruments costing $500 and more. This one is easily one of the best Jasmine guitars available for a modest price.


  • Body style produces the rich, bassy tones favored by multiple professional musicians

  • Chrome, die-cast tuners offer tuning stability


  • Bigger body size may be difficult for beginners

  • No accessories included

Top 10 Best Jasmine Guitars

  1. Jasmine 6-String Acoustic Guitar, Dreadnought, (JD36-NAT)

  2. Jasmine 6-String Acoustic Guitar, (JD39-NAT) with Hardshell Case

  3. Jasmine Acoustic-Electric Guitar JO36E

  4. Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

  5. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Full Bundle

  6. Jasmine by Takamine S34C Acoustic NEX Starter Pack

  7. Jasmine 6-String Acoustic Guitar, Orchestra Style, (JO36-NAT)

  8. Jasmine 6-String Classical Guitar, (JC23-NAT)

  9. Jasmine 6-String Acoustic Guitar, Mini-Dreadnought, (JM10-NAT)

  10. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

The Rest of the Best Jasmine Guitars:

2. Jasmine 6-String Acoustic Guitar, (JD39-NAT)

Jasmine’s JD39 acoustic guitar comes with its own hardshell case for around $190.

  • Dreadnought design

  • Advanced X bracing

  • Spruce top

  • Included deluxe hardshell case

Nice Dreadnought with Quality Case

The JD39 features rosewood fingerboard and bridge with sapele back and sides.


  • Availability of multiple gloss finishes, including natural, sunburst and black

  • Deluxe case included


  • Truss rod may need tightened

  • Frets may need filed down

3. Jasmine Acoustic-Electric Guitar, JO36CE

The Jasmine JO36CE offers the portability of acoustic play with the excitement of full-bodied electronics for roughly $189.

  • Playable as acoustic or electric

  • Compact Cutaway

  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge

  • B-Band pre-amp system with built-in tuner

Shift Seamlessly Between Acoustic and Electronic

The Jasmine JO36E offers electronic play with the addition of an amp and cable.


  • Slim neck

  • Compact, cutaway design for easy finger reach


  • Additional amp and cable needed to switch from acoustic to electric (not included)

  • Professional set-up recommended

4. S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

A best-seller for Takamine, the Jasmine S34C NEX guitar has earned a 4.5 rating from 888 reviews. At $179, buyers couldn’t be more pleased.

  • Manufactured by Takamine, featuring Takamine-quality work and design

  • Laminated spruce top

  • Satin natural finish

  • Dreadnought with C cut-away

Performs Bigger Than Its Price Tag

With a sweet, rich sound and excellence in manufacture, the Jasmine S34C features a cutaway design and lightweight feel that buyers find irresistible.


  • Appearance, construction, and sound quality of the S34C right out of the box

  • Venetion-style cutaway


  • The occasional instrument may need tweaking to coax better sound

  • Comes without hard case or gig bag

5. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Bundle

The Jasmine S35 Acoustic bundle features the dreadnought guitar along with all the accessories needed to get started for about $159.

  • Includes the highly rated S35 Dreadnought guitar by Takamine

  • Full accessory bundle

  • Slim neck

  • X-bracing

Everything You Need in One High-Quality Bundle

For beginners or intermediate players, the S35 bundle comes equipped with everything needed to start your lessons off right. Accessory set includes a gig bag, instructional book and video, extra strings, electronic tuner, guitar strap, picks, and polishing cloth.


  • Workmanship and sound quality of the S35

  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge


  • May require professional set-up for best sound

  • Matte finish as opposed to glossy

6. Jasmine by Takamine S34C Acoustic Guitar Start-Up Pack

When you need a basic bundle without a lot of extra fluff, this deal is for you — a bargain at $149.

  • Includes gig bag, strap, and picks

  • NEX-style body with cutaway

  • Natural satin wood finish

  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge

Patented NEX Design for More Tonal Control

The Jasmine NEX design gives you all the benefits of a jumbo without the formidable size and weight.


  • Included gig bag, picks and guitar strap,

  • Quality Takamine workmanship.


  • Full body size, which, while it offers superior sound, could be more difficult for newbies and student musicians to master

  • Included strings and nylon strap are not the best quality

7. Jasmine 6-String Acoustic Guitar, Orchestra Style, (JO36-NAT)

The Jasmine JO36 is an orchestra-style guitar with advanced X bracing and slim neck design sells for around $136.

  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge

  • Genuine sapele back and sides

  • Gloss natural finish

  • Compact body

Slim Neck and Short Scale Offer Superb Playability

Musicians at all levels will fall in love with the Jasmine JO36 orchestral guitar with its fine attention to detail, easy portability, and exceptional sound.


  • Added stability of the advanced X bracing

  • Scalloped, lightweight design.


  • Sharp frets and paint blemishes

  • Flimsy packaging on some models.

8. Jasmine 6-String Classical Guitar, (JC23-NAT)

The Jasmine JC23 features easy play for beginners and musicians with smaller hands. Usually retails for $124.

  • Compact, 3/4 size

  • Light, sweet tone

  • Spruce top

  • Slim neck

Great Smaller Guitar for Beginners and Students

The Jasmine JC23 features 3/4 design with advanced classical bracing for smaller players and students.


  • Compact size that’s easy to play and great for travel

  • Slim neck for better finger reach


  • Smaller sound at a higher price point than the S35

  • Laminated top with little wood grain

9. Jasmine 6 String Acoustic Guitar, MIni-Dreadnought, (JM10-NAT)

The Jasmine JM10 by Takamine is a mini dreadnought that offers rich tonal quality in a fully portable guitar for $119.

  • Smaller size

  • Advanced classical bracing

  • Spruce top

  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge

Big Sound From a Small Guitar

If you’re searching for a model that travels easily, offers beautiful sound, and is perfect for smaller players, you can’t go wrong with the Jasmine JM10.


  • Included gig bag

  • Mini dreadnought design that produces bold tone


  • Can’t compare in sound to bigger models

  • Smaller size may be more suitable for children or students

10. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

With a 4.5 rating calculated from more than 1,000 reviews, the Jasmine S35 Acoustic is a solid buy at just under $100.

  • Made by Takamine

  • Dreadnought style

  • Spruce top with a satin finish

  • Rosewood fretboard

Sturdy Little Dreadnought for Under $100

The Jasmine S35 acoustic by Takamine is a solid purchase for an inexpensive instrument. You’ll want to take this little gem to your local guitar shop upon receipt and have it set up to get the best sound. Professional set-up is not necessary to play the S35 out of the box, but for just a few dollars, having the action set and investing in better quality strings will make all the difference.


  • Ability to produce beautiful sound quality with gentle tweaking

  • The polished look, feel, and construction of a Takamine instrument


  • Extra dollars needed to set up this guitar so that it plays like a much more expensive piece of equipment

  • Guitar comes with no gig bag or accessories

What to Look For in Best Jasmine Guitars

Purchasing your first Jasmine guitar is a rite of passage for many. Consequently, this makes it a highly personalized experience. If it’s big, bassy sound you crave, you’ll want to opt for a dreadnought. The bigger body size produces bolder play. Alternately, if playability or price are more of an issue, a cutaway or slim-neck design might make more sense.

Sound is an important consideration when choosing from the best Jasmine guitars, but so are price point, appearance, and the quality of materials used. Luckily, when choosing from among the best Jasmine guitars, quality construction and gorgeous woods are not problems. Takamine consistently produces instruments using superior craftsmanship. Whether you buy new or used, and whether you opt to change out the strings upon arrival or have a professional set it up for you, you’re always going to love your Jasmine guitar right out of the box.