Top 20 Music Blogs 2019

Want to keep up with your favorite artists, learn what’s new in the world of music, enjoy video interviews with top stars and more? Music blogs are the answer, no matter what genre you prefer.

Here are our top 20 picks, along with a few quick highlights for each. Looking for a specific music blog review? These entries are arranged in alphabetical order rather than by popularity for easy A-Z referencing. Enjoy!

A & R Factory

If you want to discover new artists, then take a trip to A & R Factory, where you’ll be able to keep an eye out for new talent that appeals to your musical taste. This music blog does not discriminate; it caters to independent labels as well as major publishers, radio stations, and others. As one of the world’s top Artist and Repertoire blogs, A & R Factory is a proud recipient of numerous awards, including a 2017 Top 10 UK Music Blog award.

AMBY: A Music Blog, Yea?

Concert photos, links to stars’ twitter feeds, and fantastic “Gimme Your Answers” two-minute interviews are some top features found at AMBY: A Music Blog, Yea? Cool extras like exclusive music videos and interesting stories make this one of the world’s top 100 music blogs, plus you’ll find ongoing contests, concert ticket giveaways, and more. AMBY is run by a global team of writers and photographers who keep fans in the loop via a solid social media presence; follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and more for at-a-glance updates.


Want to be considered for a review? Awesong offers artists the opportunity to upload tracks, plus they give budding talent the opportunity to play for a massive online audience of more than four million listeners. Hundreds of prominent artists are featured here, too, and there are thousands of cover songs to listen to, including numerous tracks from India’s up and coming talent. Prepare to entertain or be entertained; whatever your preference, Awesong delivers.

Caesar Live ‘N Loud

Interviews, performance videos, and loads of great updates make Caesar Live N Loud a favorite as well as the recipient of a Top 200 Music Blog award. Featured posts take top billing as expected, but older stories and even older archives are easy to find, and they take you back to some of yesterday’s most exciting music milestones. Check out the Mixtapes and don’t miss the free downloads. Like many other top-billed music blogs, Caesar Live N Loud showcases new artists and well-known stars alike.

EDM Nations

Listeners and artists alike appreciate EDM Nations for its vast menu of offerings. You’ll find all things music-related here, including new releases, in-depth reviews, the latest music festival news, and inspiring posts covering a diverse array of topics. Free downloads are plentiful here, plus you’ll find no shortage of videos and much more.

For the Love of Bands

If you don’t want to rely on radio stations to discover new music, then you’re likely to appreciate For the Love of Bands. Features include artist spotlights and reviews, plus a big Spotify playlist where you can listen while you multitask. Artists will appreciate this award-winning music blog just as much as fans; some posts focus on helpful topics that help musicians get noticed, plus there’s a cool “Bands about Bands” feature that has bands review one another. This is just the tip of the musical iceberg; For the Love of Bands is a huge blog with plenty to explore.


A sleek, simple design with prominent mixtapes and more, Indietronica offers a welcome respite from the everyday. Read up on the philosophy behind some of the most compelling indie tracks, grab instant links to Spotify so you can add new favorites to your playlists, and share Soundcloud links. Indietronica features a “Sounds Like” comparison with each entry, making it easy to decide what to listen to next while providing you with some additional indie inspiration in the event you really like what you’re hearing and want to discover more.

Kings of A&R

Ready to dig deep into one of the best Artist and Repertoire blogs around? Look no further than Kings of A&R, where editor Dean Cramer has been shining a spotlight on up and coming artists since 1999. Artists hoping to achieve mainstream success come here in hopes of joining the likes of Twenty One Pilots, The Fray, and many others featured on Kings of A&R before they reached fame, and fans hoping to discover new sounds appreciate the blog as well. New entries are available almost every day, and a strong social media presence makes it easy to keep up with what’s new.

KMM Reviews

Whether you’re an artist who wants to submit new music for review, or a fan with a longing for some new tracks to make your day extraordinary, you’re likely to enjoy KMM Reviews. There’s a little bit of everything here; classic reviews cover old favorites like U2’s The Joshua Tree, and introductions provide quick summaries that highlight new artists on a level playing field with well-known musicians. If you like records, be sure to check out the blog’s “Flying Vinyl” entries.

LIVE Music Blog

Whatever your favorite genre, you’re likely to find some new discoveries when you head over to LIVE Music Blog. A massive compilation of entries awaits, along with a slick design that’s eye candy for anyone who loves album covers and more. Browse the latest music news, check out reviews, or watch videos while you’re there. If you happen to have something specific in mind, you’ll appreciate LIVE Music Blog’s easy-to-find search feature.

Music Enthusiast

A few music blogs seem to have a little something for everyone – and Music Enthusiast is one of these. Interesting, thoughtful posts covering individual songs, albums, concerts, music festivals, and even movies top the list of things that make this blog a must-visit while earning it a Top 100 Music Blog award. Genres include blues, jazz, pop, R&B, rock, and soul, with just a sprinkling of country tossed in for good measure. Music Enthusiast covers time-honored artists and albums as well as newer ones, making for some delightful reintroductions to old favorites you might not have heard in quite some time.

Music Tech Student

While Music Tech Student does offer some entertaining components, it exists to provide musicians including students and teachers with resources designed to take careers to the next level. There’s a heavy focus on the technological side of the music industry, which is highly valuable to those who want to make money with their music as well as those who are interested in the way music and technology intersect. Music Tech Student covers a vast variety of topics ranging from electronic music to film and game audio to mixing, mastering, and music video production.

Pigeons & Planes

Looking for some new sounds? Pigeons & Planes is all about discovery, great music, and talented artists. The blog covers several genres; indie rock, pop, hip-hop, and electronic are among those covered most often. Where some blogs cover either established stars or emerging talent, Pigeons & Planes provides a balance of both. It’s the perfect place to check out new releases, watch videos, read news, and more.


Whether you’re into indie, mad about pop, or crazy for experimental music, you’re likely to appreciate Pitchfork. This is a massive blog with vast social media coverage, and it’s got treats for those who enjoy everything from rock to hip hop to metal. Reviews, interviews, and cool features are just the beginning; Pitchfork also covers music news so fans can keep up with the latest happenings, plus it reintroduces artists from past decades.

Primal Music Blog

Looking for something unique? You’ll find it at Primal Music Blog, which features an outstanding array of underground artists, along with interesting single premiers, plenty of post-punk, and some outstanding psychedelic archives. EP reviews provide introductions to a variety of artists who prefer to stray off the beaten track, providing endless opportunities for new discoveries. If you’re an artist, consider submitting music to Primal Music Blog; they’re always looking for something new to discover and share.


New music, live sessions, festival updates, and videos are just some of the great features you’ll find on Sync. Check out playlists and top ten lists while you’re there, and take a look at some of the blog’s suggested links. Sync’s Backtrack feature takes you for a quick trip into the past so you can see how some of today’s top acts got their starts. For indie, dance, electronic, pop, and alternative music fans, this top-rated blog is a must.

The Camp House

Country music – the live, Texas kind – is the focus at The Camp House, which is also the home of the 65 & Sides Society. Live, small-venue concerts are featured here, each of which is limited to 65 pairs of tickets. Additionally, you’ll find fantastic artist spotlights, favorite links, new music, and news. The Camp House is relatively new to the music blog scene; even so, it received a Top 100 Music Blogs award.

The Write Reviews

If you appreciate underground artists, then you’ll probably enjoy The Write Reviews. Besides album reviews, this independent music blog offers interviews, artist of the month spotlights, and featured emcees, plus it’s home to The Write Rhymes Radio Show. Artists can submit their work for review, with several options to suit their needs. The Write Reviews is a Top 100 Music Blog award recipient as well as a Top 100 Hip Hop Blog award recipient.

Turtle Tempo

If you love nothing more than independent music, Turtle Tempo has you covered. This UK-based music blog received a Top 25 Independent Music Blogs award, and a quick visit will show you exactly why. Loads of updates, quick top-5 picks every Friday, New Music, Top Performances lists, and artist interviews are just some of the features you’ll find here. The focus is on unsigned, independent, and alternative artists, who are welcome to submit music.

Unheard Gems

Unheard Gems is a music site set out to bring listeners the best in new and emerging artists. The team of two bring together a collection of artists from all over the world and across a variety of genres with the potential to be the next big thing which they feel deserve to be heard by a larger audience. By interviewing artists like Mathew V, Traces, Wet, Huntar, Luna Shadows and more Unheard Gems brings viewers and listeners closer to the artists they already love and introduce them to artists they should get to know. Besides interviews, Unheard Gems releases music reviews, updates on new or upcoming music, musician focused articles, and keeps a catalog of incredible artists. Unheard Gems has also recently joined forces with the blog and posts content on both blogs covering an even wider array of artists. Unheard Gems works to bring you the best in new music and emerging artists.

We All Want Someone to Shout For

Founded way back in 2008 and enjoying growing popularity ever since, We All Want Someone to Shout For crosses genres in search of the latest, best music available. Concert reviews, music videos, Soundcloud links, and previews are some of the blog’s best features. Every post provides a quick intro to the artist or band being covered, along with a short discussion that digs a bit deeper into the details. We All Want Someone to Shout For offers a crisp, interface for a user-friendly experience.

Where the Music Meets

Ready to explore and dig really deep into the indie scene and more? Where the Music Meets has you covered with interviews, reviews, and more. You’ll find massive Soundcloud and Spotify playlists here with plenty of new sounds to discover, plus some exciting links to like-minded partners. If you’re an artist, you can feel free to send a submission for consideration by the expert reviewers at Where the Music Meets. Who knows? Your act might be featured next.


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