Best Custom Ukuleles for 2018

Looking for a ukulele? As this beautiful, portable instrument has gained popularity in recent years, available options have multiplied. Music stores and online marketplaces are full of lovely ukes, most with an appealing, classic vibe. But what if you’re looking for something completely unique, like a hand painted ukulele? Despite the availability of beautiful commercial designs, it can be tough to find appealing, personalized options. In fact, the search for a custom painted ukulele might take you hours, days, or even weeks. Knowing just how valuable time is, we’ve curated this A to Z list of some of the best, most unique ukuleles available online. Happy strumming!

Cedar And Sycamore

Cedar and Sycamore offers a unique approach to the fine art of ukulele making; instead of starting from the ground up, shop owner Hannah Price selects good-quality pre-built ukuleles and decorates them by hand. A visit to her shop reveals stunning artwork and eye-catching designs to please a variety of tastes. Whimsical floral designs, classic Hawaiian hibiscus flowers, beautiful birds, animals, fish, and even whales adorn each unique painted ukulele. Vibrant images and exquisite colors combine with talented artistry, making Cedar and Sycamore ukuleles truly enviable. Hannah Price is based in the United Kingdom, and happily welcomes the opportunity to create custom designs by request. Her ukuleles ship worldwide.

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Chameleon Spirit

Looking for something rare and Hawaiian-inspired? Chameleon Spirit may have just the thing. Shop owner Brianna Mercier is a talented artist with an eye for fine details. Her colorful ukulele designs pay homage to the ocean as well as to famous artist Hokusai, who is best-known for his woodcut image titled “The Wave.”

Chameleon Spirit is based in California, with exclusive designs on pre-built ukuleles available on Etsy.

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Coral Flamingo

Whimsical delights abound at Coral Flamingo, where you’ll find a wide array of decorated ukuleles with stunningly beautiful artwork as well as some fantastically silly characters meant to make you smile. Ocean-inspired waves, silly dogs, and fanciful cats with funny little faces are just a few of the designs to discover at this appealing online shop. Whether you’d like something glitzy and glamorous or if you prefer a customized ukulele design made-to-order, you’ll find it at Coral Flamingo. Shop owner Tamanna is based in Australia, and offers worldwide shipping.

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Fanner Guitar Works

If you’re in the market for a custom electric ukulele with a unique appearance, then consider giving Fanner Guitar Works a look. Shop owner Brian Fanner doesn’t just build beautiful guitars, he also offers an amazing assortment of electric ukuleles in a variety of colors and finishes, and his catalogue has been expanding since he first began adding ukes to his lineup in 2014. Original shapes, unique finishes, and robust features make Fanner Guitar Works ukuleles exceptional.  Brian Fanner is based in South Africa and ships his custom electric ukuleles all over the world. Interested parties can contact him to request specific designs and features.  

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Gargoyle Pastures

Want a painted ukulele decorated with your favorite Pokémon, or prefer one with a vibrant sunset scene?

Gargoyle Pastures happily delivers custom painted ukuleles in an endless array of colors, designs, and motifs. Shop owner Chris Scarlett is a talented young artist working out of Virginia.

Gargoyle Pastures takes orders for painted ukuleles, and offers shipping worldwide.

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Handmade by Alyssa

A custom ukulele from Handmade by Alyssa is a delight for the eyes. Breathtaking mountain scenes, serene sunsets, and vintage-inspired wildflowers are just some of the designs you’ll see when you visit. Shop owner Alyssa welcomes custom orders, and offers a stunning array of colorful ukuleles ready-made and painted to order.

Handmade by Alyssa offers a complete menu of options for custom orders, and is open to conversations about handmade ukulele designs. Based in Ohio, this talented artist ships her work worldwide.


On the lookout for a colorful ukulele? Imaginesia may just take your breath away. Stunning, vibrant designs in a wide variety of motifs ranging from Jim Morrison of The Doors to classic Beatles imagery adorn these unique instruments. Abstract painted ukulele designs are available too; in fact, your own creativity can come into play if you’d like it to. Imaginesia shop owner Valène Jouvet gets high marks from customers, and ships to custom ukulele clients worldwide. Prepare to be amazed!

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Fine artist Jennifer Lommers offers a huge array of handpainted objects, including custom ukulele designs to make the heart sing. Jenlo262 specializes in adorable birds, exquisite poppies, whimsical bicycles, and fantastic coffee-inspired pieces as well as amazing animal art. Jennifer Lommers is based in Corvallis Oregon, and may be contacted via Etsy or Facebook for custom painted ukulele designs. Artwork is available for worldwide shipping as well as at live shows throughout the Western United States.

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Juicebox Arts

Want a hand-painted ukulele, perhaps with some ocean-inspired artwork or whimsical cartoon cats?

Juicebox Arts happily delivers. Exquisite beauty and funky designs coexist harmoniously in this fantastic shop, which offers quite a few items worth looking at.

Juicebox Arts shop owner Carlymanders is based in the Netherlands and offers shipping to customers all over the planet.

Kelaska Custom Ukes

If you’re a fan of ukulele music, you might already be familiar with Kelaska, who offers popular ukuele covers on her YouTube chanel each week. Kelaska Custom Ukes offers instruments painted with vibrant colors and completely unique visual appeal. Whether you’d like a floral painted ukulele or one with a gorgeous galaxy-inspired design, you can place an order with Kelaska Custom Ukes. Shop owner Kelli Wright is based in Connecticut, and offers her designs to customers all over the world.

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L is for Lucky Creations

Vibrant colors, compelling designs, and hand-painted renditions of original and famous artworks make ukuleles from L is for Lucky Creations favorites with those who purchase them. Not only does shop owner Lauren Conklin offer a wide array of decorated ukuleles and other instruments ready-made, she takes requests for specific, personalized designs that get rave reviews. L is for Lucky Creations is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and offers shipping to destinations all over the world.

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Lupine Art

You’ll find a wide array of options when you search Lupine Art for colorful ukulele designs.

Shop owner Imaania Satwilkar works out of the United Kingdom, and offers a variety of options including whimsical animal motifs and delicate, colorful abstract designs.

Lupine Art offers worldwide shipping.


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Nymphaea Nerd

Sparkling mosaics, stunning colors, and peaceful ocean-inspired designs are just some of the offerings found at Nymphaea Nerd.

Shop owner Megan Hansen offers unique ukulele designs and takes orders for custom ukuleles, and then ships them to clients worldwide. Famous public domain artwork is available as well as original designs, making Nymphaea Nerd an excellent place to search for the painted ukulele of your dreams.

Famous public domain artwork is available as well as original designs, making Nymphaea Nerd an excellent place to search for the painted ukulele of your dreams.

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Tsunami Originals

Where to find a unique ukulele? Tsunami Originals may hold the answer.

Based in California, shop owner Soulnami Soulshifter paints vibrant, colorful designs and ships to custom ukulele shoppers all over the world. Visit  Tsunami Originals for a peek at current offerings.

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