Molly Lewis

Like some other famous ukulele players, American musician Molly Lewis rose to fame on the internet, playing original comedic songs as well as covers of popular tunes.

She was born in 1989 in Orange County, California, and has been performing since her late teens. Molly regularly performs at w00stock, and has performed with the Presidents of the United States of America. She has appeared on the NBC Los Angeles show Music LA, and has participated in a number of other notable projects; for example if you watched The Legend of Neil, then you’ll be fascinated to discover that Molly Lewis recorded the theme music heard during episode 2 of the show’s third season.

To date, Lewis has released three albums and won several awards.

Fun Facts

Plays: Ukulele, Kazoo, Stylophone, Accordion, Melodica, Piano
Genres: Acoustic, Rock, Alternative
Has been playing since age: Unknown
First Performance: 2008