The Wellington International Orchestra

Photo credit | WIUO

The Wellington International Orchestra hails from New Zealand, where they gained popularity before becoming a worldwide sensation. Fantastic music, creative costuming, and captivating humor are all part of the show; sold-out audiences love to sing along while putting their troubles behind them.

The band’s repertoire is simply delightful, with tunes from a variety of genres ranging from classics by Dolly Parton, Blondie, Justin Timberlake, and Cyndi Lauper, to name just a few! The group was founded in 2005; since then, they have released a full-length album and four Eps. Regular band members Age Pryor, Bek Coogan, Andy Morley-Hall, Carmel Russell, Daniel Yeabsley, Francis Salole, Gemma Gracewood, Megan Hosking, Sam Auger, and Stephen Jessup are sometimes joined by Nigel Collins, Bret McKenzie, and a variety of special guests.

Whether you take in a show, listen on iTunes, or watch the group perform on YouTube, you’re going to love The Wellington International Orchestra’s fun, energetic vibe.

Fun Facts

Plays: Ukulele
Genres: Folk, Pop rock, Classic rock
Has been playing since age: unknown
First Performance: 2005