Mika Kane

Mika Kane was born and raised on the island of Maui. He picked up his first ‘ukulele at the age of thirteen and hasn’t stopped playing since then. Being completely self-taught until recent mentorship under Dr. Byron Yasui, Mika has released his first solo ‘ukulele CD entitled Old Soul.

Mika has won several ‘ukulele competitions throughout the different islands in Hawai’i, been invited to play at various venues in Hawai’i, and most recently joining the Kamaka ‘Ukulele Team as one of their artists, alongside many of the top ‘ukulele players in the world.

Fun Facts

Plays: Custom Kamaka ‘ukulele from Luthier Casey Kamaka
First Song Learned on the ‘Ukulele: Carol the Bells in A minor
First Performance: ‘Ukulele Competition in 2010
Favorite Key to Play: A Major (very bright and happy sounding)


Performing at the Duke’s Uke Competition — Taking 1st place and Overall Award Song

Live Performance at Shawn Yacavone’s ‘Ukulele Friend Showroom