Top Ukulele Magazines & Publications

While the humble ukulele has become synonymous to the Hawaiian islands, the instrument’s influence in music has traveled far and wide. Famous ukulele players include the late Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, Amanda Palmer, Zooey Deschanel and Eddie Vedder. Around the world, there are also various societies dedicated to fostering the interest in playing the instrument. Not only has the ukulele taken over music, it also has influenced several media publications to come out with magazines dedicated solely to the instrument. Take a look at some of these publications and where you can get a copy!

1. UKE Magazine

Based in the U.K., UKE Magazine is the country’s first magazine dedicated to the ukulele. It is published quarterly in digital and print format for everyone’s reading enjoyment. The magazine covers a wide range of interesting topics relating to the ukulele, as well as interviews, features, reviews, guitar tabs and anything one needs to know about ukulele music. Moreover, the magazine is also active in social media and provides a sneak peek of its upcoming features, event updates and more.

2. Kamuke Ukulele Magazine

Produced by ukulele players for ukulele players, Kamuke Ukulele Magazine is published in Sydney, Australia. The magazine was founded in 2011 by publisher and editor, Cameron Murray who has 25 years experience in playing and teaching the ukulele. On every issue, Kamuke offers its readers features, interviews, reviews, playing tips and historical articles. What’s more, ukulele fans will be delighted to know that a copy of the magazine can fit snugly inside a ukulele case! To stay up-to-date on ukulele news from the Land Down Under, the magazine also offers interesting nuggets of posts on social media like Facebook. As well, Kamuke’s website also features exclusive interviews and a store for ukulele guitars and accessories.

3. Ukulele

Created for ukulele players and enthusiasts, Ukulele Magazine keeps its reader abreast on top artists, festivals, and clubs for ukulele music. It also features the pioneers of the ukulele scene as well as songs to know about, an events calendar and product news. Online, the magazine’s website is loaded with content that could keep readers entertained for hours. It features playing technique tips and videos on the latest ukulele gear. Apart from these, the magazine also features on its website ukulele sessions with various ukulele players. For those who would like to purchase something, their shop also sells ukulele accessories and guitars. Overall, Ukulele Magazine is the perfect one-stop-shop for everything ukulele!


4. Ukulele Player Magazine

While the Ukulele Player Magazine is no longer active, those who would like to read up on past issues can download the electronic magazine for free. The e-magazine traces its roots back to 2009, and at the reader’s fingertips are 33 issues filled with very informative and in-depth ukulele guitar reviews, artist spotlight interviews, and useful resources such as ukulele club listings categorized by every state.

5. Ukulele Rhythms Magazine

Ukulele Rhythms Magazine is a quarterly electronic magazine and workshop that centers on the basics of a ukulele: from how it is built to how to play it. Just a single issue of the magazine is filled with ukulele resources such as interviews, features, lessons and ukulele reviews. Moreover, magazines can be downloaded for a year’s subscription worth $10, or a single issue for just $4.

6. Fretboard Journal

Often dubbed as a “guitar magazine for grown-ups”, the Fretboard Journal prides itself as an archival-quality, quarterly publication for fretted instruments. While the magazine’s focus is on guitars, it features ukuleles as well once in awhile. The magazine puts front and center interviews and features on acoustic and electric instruments. Made for those who truly enjoy music, the Fretboard Journal also has some articles published on its website that features several interviews, guitar reviews and much more. Apart from this, visitors to the website can also access features video performances and podcasts. Meanwhile, its online shop features downloads, merchandise and magazine subscriptions.

7. Ukulele Yes!

In 1976, Ukulele Yes! Was created to promote and teach the enjoyment of music. It was originally a way for international ukulele teachers to foster musicianship through ukulele instruction. Membership originally cost $10 that included a magazine subscription along with a Ukulele Yes! button and a membership card. The magazine was published twice a year until 1981. To keep up with the changing times, the magazine is now offered for free in digital format. While there are no new magazines after 2012, Ukulele Yes! can still be a rich resource of information that features dozens of interviews, tips and more to help ukulele teachers educate those who are new to ukulele.The Syncopator Magazine

8. The Syncopator Magazine

The Syncopator Magazine is a bi-annual magazine produced by the Ukulele Society of Great Britain. The group was founded in the U.K. in 1970 to help establish interest in playing the ukulele and ukulele banjo in various styles and methods. The Syncopator Magazine captures the society’s aim through informative articles, features, reviews, write-ups on players, ukulele arrangements and techniques, and for members of the society, meeting details and reports. For £15 per annum, a full subscription can get you two issues e-magazines, entry into society meetings, a chance to show off your ukulele chops on the USGB stage, and workshop participation. If you don’t want the added bonuses to a subscription, a copy is also available for just £8.

9. Rolling Coconuts

Based in Japan, Rolling Coconuts is a free ukulele digital magazine published in Japanese. The magazine started in 1998 and is published four times a year every January, April, July and October. Rolling Coconuts features exclusive interviews with notable Japanese ukulele artists, event reports and ukulele scores. Moreover, the site also has a rich resource of useful links such as various Japanese ukulele societies, online classrooms, ukulele manufacturers and dealers, and artist sites.