Ukulele Minor Chords for Beginners

Minor chords, no matter what instrument you play, are known for their sad, dark, moody tones. But don’t ignore them because they don’t sound happy on their own. They’re essential ukulele chords that help you create lovely music when combined with other chords.

You’ve probably already learned the basic major ukulele chords. Each chord has a minor version, too, which is indicated using a lowercase ‘m’ right after the chord name. For example, C minor is written as the Cm chord. Remember, that is an easy way to differentiate between major and minor chords as you continue improving your ukulele playing skills.

Three of the most important minor chords for beginners include the Am chordDm chord, and Em chord.

Start with the Am Chord

As you begin working on minor ukulele chords, get started by learning the A minor chord. It’s very easy because it only requires you to use a single finger. Place your middle single on the first (G) string on the second fret. Then strum all four strings. Pay attention to the slightly sad, yet beautiful, sound the chord creates.

D Minor Chord

The Dm chord has a similar chord shape as the A minor chord for guitar (if you happen to play guitar, too). It requires three fingers, but it’s still easy to learn with a little practice. The middle finger is placed on the fourth string at the second fret, the ring finger goes on the third string at the second fret, and your index finger is on the second string at the first fret. All four strings are strummed for this chord.

E Minor Chord

E minor is a bit more complicated than the A and D minor chords. Some people find it’s a little tricky to get right without a buzzing sound because both the ring and middle fingers must arch over other strings. To play this chord, the index finger is placed at the second fret on the A-string. Then the middle finger goes at the third fret on the E-string, and the ring finger goes all the way over to the fourth fret on the C-string. All four strings are strummed.

These are the most commonly used minor chords, and the ones you’ll want to master first. Of course, then you can go on to learn the rest of the minor ukulele chords as you grow more comfortable with your instrument. Remember, the more chords you learn, the wider range of songs you’ll be able to play.