Top Six Best Ranch Ukuleles 

Ranch Guitar has been in business since 1993 and has built a solid reputation for high-quality instruments at affordable prices. If you know anyone who’s ever played a Ranch Ukulele, you’ve already heard the scoop — fine craftsmanship, top-quality materials, and warm, rich sound for days. If you’re in the market for an affordable ukulele, Ranch may be your go-to company.

But what, exactly, defines quality when it comes to ukuleles? We’ve narrowed it down to three important features:

  • Sound
  • Price
  • Looks

You can find all three in both new and used instruments from Ranch. That’s why we took a look at what this company has to offer and talked with those who’ve actually played Ranch instruments to come up with a list of best Ranch ukuleles for beginner through intermediate musicians. If you need a ukulele, here’s what we recommend:

 Our Top Pick of Best Ranch Ukuleles

With over 1,600 reviews and a solid 5-star rating, the 23-inch concert Ukulele bundle by Ranch is our top pick. High quality and affordable, it includes everything the beginner or intermediate player needs to learn the ukulele at home.

  1. 23-inch concert Ukulele Bundle by Ranch

This 23-inch ukulele by Ranch offers the bright, bold sound of more expensive instruments for a fraction of the cost.

  • High-quality sapele wood construction
  • Genuine Aquila strings
  • Digital tuner included
  • Smooth, satin finish
  • Lots of extras

Twice the Instrument for Half the Cost

The 23-inch concert ukulele by Ranch will surprise you with the sound it generates. Experience bright, clear music that’s comparable to more expensive brands. In addition, this little uke is a good size to hold and play for anyone, ages child through adult. For a beginner ukulele, the quality and included accessory pack is hard to beat. Lifetime warranty on the instrument.

Comes with lots of extras including an extra set of genuine Aquila strings, polishing cloth, gig bag, digital tuner, and strap. With a 5-star rating from over 1,600 musicians, this is our top pick for best Ranch ukuleles if you’re a beginner looking for a complete ukulele set-up. Nearly all were happy with the quality of instrument they purchased, though several mentioned too-sharp frets and problems keeping the uke in tune.

  1. 23-Inch Professional, Upgraded Concert Ukulele by Ranch

Concert Ukulele Ranch Mahogany Solid Top Ukuleles 23 inch Professional Wooden ukelele Upgraded Instrument with Free Online 12 Lessons and Gig Bag - Small Hawaiian Guitar – Natural Buy on Amazon

Available in nine colors with included lined fabric gig bag.

  • Perfect upgrade from a beginner Uke
  • Well-crafted, stays in tune
  • Good size
  • Beautiful sound quality
  • Gig bag and free online lessons included

The Next Level in Ranch Ukuleles

If you’re looking for a ukulele that’s a solid step up from beginner, you’ll love this 23-inch wooden uke by Ranch. Superior sound quality in a well-crafted package. Features beautiful rosewood fingerboard and bridge and a solid mahogany top. Comes pre-strung with quality Aquila strings and a lifetime warranty.

Reviews for this model are all five-star, with repeated mentions of high quality sound and superior craftsmanship. Musicians are happy with the size, feel, and appearance of this uke, and most are surprised at the excellent sound quality for the price paid. Ranch provides a high level of customer service as well.

  1. 23-Inch Electro-Acoustic EQ Concert Ukulele by Ranch

Electric Concert Ukulele Ranch EQ 23 inch Mahogany Solid Top Professional Ukuleles Upgraded Instrument with Free Online 12 Lessons and Gig Bag – Natural Buy on Amazon

Play this concert ukulele in traditional acoustic or attach it to an amp for electrified sound.

  • Arched back
  • Genuine Aquila strings
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • EQ capability
  • Gig bag and free online lessons included

Concert Ukulele with Electro-Acoustic Capability

Enjoy the next step up in concert ukulele with this Ranch model electro-acoustic. EQ capability built in makes tuning a snap. Stays in tune and produces the warm, rich sound that Ranch is famous for without the high price tag of other brands. Amp cable not included. Lifetime warranty.

This little uke gained 4.2 out of 5 stars for the musicians who played it. Most liked the appearance and sound quality, as well as the uke’s capability to connect to an amp for a different sound. Free online lessons included in purchase.

  1. 23-inch Professional Wooden Concert Ukulele by Ranch

Ranch Concert Ukulele 23 inch Professional Wooden ukelele Instrument with 12 Free Online Lessons and Padded Gig Bag - Pitaya Red Buy on Amazon

Available in Starry Blue, Brown Coffee, and Picaya Red, the 23-inch professional concert uke by Ranch offers quality sound for beginning and intermediate players.

  • Beautiful rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Smooth, polished frets
  • Arched back for resonating sound
  • Stays in tune
  • Lots of extras

A Step Up From a Beginner Ukulele

Most who have tried the 23-inch professional ukulele by Ranch have fallen head-over-heels for its quality construction and affordable price. There’s just no other ukulele out there that offers the same beautiful sound at this price point. Perfect for the beginning or intermediate musician, this uke is a fine representation of all Ranch has to offer in quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and value. As best Ranch ukuleles go, this one ranks high.

Comes with free online lessons, a fabric gig bag, and a lifetime warranty. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars from the musicians who played it. Several mention that it’s troublesome to keep in tune. Others felt the frets were too sharp. Color was also an issue.

  1. 21-Inch Soprano Ukulele by Ranch

Soprano Ukulele Ranch 21 inch Professional Wooden ukelele Instrument Kit With Free Online 12 Lessons Small Hawaiian Guitar Beginner ukalalee Starter Pack Bundle Gig bag&Tuner&Strap&4 Aquila String Set Buy on Amazon

Excellent, affordable, and well-made are only a few of the things buyers have to say after purchasing this Ranch ukulele, and the reasons why are obvious:

  • Sapele wooden body with mahogany neck
  • Warm, deep tone
  • Widely spaced frets for adult musicians
  • Included digital tuner
  • Lots of extras

Better Than a Beginner Uke

Manufactured for beginners, but sophisticated enough for anyone, this 21-inch soprano ukulele from Ranch offers all the perks. Real rosewood bridge and mahogany neck and hand-polished frets make music fun. Meanwhile, the warm, rich tone is indicative of Ranch craftsmanship. Comes complete pre-strung with Aquila strings. Includes digital tuner, extra strings, polishing cloth, strap, and gig bag. A great little bundle for the beginning musician.

This uke garnered 5 out of 5 stars by the musicians who purchased it. Most mention that it stays in tune longer than expected right out of the box. Several mentioned issues with shipping and packaging. Lifetime warranty.

  1. 23-inch, Left-Handed Concert Ukulele by Ranch

Ranch Left handed Concert Ukulele 23 inch Professional Wooden ukelele Instrument with Padded Gig Bag Buy on Amazon

Fine construction for the left-handed player.

  • Gorgeous Sapele wood top
  • Rosewood finger board and bridge
  • Arched back
  • Genuine Aquila strings
  • Gig bag included

Nice Quality Instrument for the Left-Handed Player

You don’t have to play with your right hand to enjoy this high-quality Ranch ukulele for beginners. Comfortable to hold and pre-strung for the left-handed musician, this uke gets rave reviews from most who have tried it. Lifetime warranty.

Musicians rated this ukulele 4.6 out of 5 stars for its quality, appearance, and sound.

Tips for Choosing a Quality Ranch Ukulele

Ranch Guitars has a solid reputation for crafting quality ukuleles at surprisingly affordable prices, but cost should never be the first consideration if you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-play instrument that stays in tune. The first consideration should always be sound. It’s frustrating to pay more for an instrument that has inferior sound quality, which is why it’s good to purchase from an established company with a strong reputation. The best ukuleles are crafted of solid materials such as rosewood, mahogany, and durable hard woods such as sapele. They come pre-strung with good-quality strings, and they’re easy to tune. Additionally, they stay in tune as you play.

As far as looks go, your new ukulele should feel solid and show minimal wear. It’s perfectly okay to purchase a used uke, but you’ll want to inspect it first. You’ll also want to decide whether you need a concert uke (bigger, heavier, deeper sound) or a soprano. Though ukes come in four sizes, including tenor and baritone, the soprano and concert sizes are most popular among beginning players. Whichever one best suits your needs, it should be free of cracks and warping. Bridge and finger board should also be firmly in place.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider the cost of your new or used ukulele. This will depend upon the size and condition of the uke, as well as the brand. If a uke has electro-acoustic capability, expect to pay more. You’ll also want to invest in the amp and cable.

If you follow these simple tips for buying one of the best Ranch ukuleles, you’ll undoubtedly be left with an instrument you truly love. And if you love your instrument, you’ll be more apt to play and become masterful on it.

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