Best Fender Fullerton Ukulele: An Electrifying Review

Although Fender is best known for their guitars, the electrifying new Fender Fullerton Ukuleles will undoubtedly explode in popularity.  We are hearing that more and more Ukulele players are adding Fender Ukuleles to their collection.

At the NAMM Show 2020 in California (January 16 – 19), Fender revealed their new Fullerton Ukulele series, which is designed to cater to every level of player, from complete beginner to experienced musicians taking the stage or recording in the studio.

The new range is inspired by Southern Californian beaches and designed to be used on those days and evenings on the beach, taking a break from surfing or sitting by the bonfire – that’s the dream at least! The Fullerton offers an uplifting, inspiring sound, reminiscent of the places it was inspired by.

The name Fullerton is a nod to the Californian town the company was birthed in back in 1946, but designed to be a fresh take on the classic ukulele, and there are three new editions to the previous five models (Seaside, Rincon, Venice, Zuma, and Montecito), which are the Fullerton Strat, Fullerton Tele, and Fullerton Jazzmaster.

These new Fullerton models are designed to combine traditional Ukuleles with the iconic Fender guitar body shapes.

Fender Fullerton Features

The Fullerton Stratocaster Ukulele

The Fullerton Stratocaster comes with a laminated spruce top, a laminated walnut fingerboard atop a maple neck, nickel hardware, and comes in Sunburst or Black.

The Fullerton Tele Ukulele

The Fullerton Tele also has a laminated spruce top, laminated walnut fingerboard, maple neck, nickel hardware, and comes in Butterscotch Blonde (a rich warm yellow) with a black pickguard or Black. This model is a far departure from the traditional ukulele look and idea for those who want to bring something a little different to their collection or performances.

The Fullerton Jazzmaster Ukulele

Finally, the new Jazzmaster model is a special addition, which gain comes with the maple neck, walnut fingerboard, and nickel hardware, but comes in Tidepool – a beautiful teal color – and Olympic White. Both colors come with colored headstocks, and the Tidepool comes with a black pickguard, while the Olympic White has a warm tortoiseshell pickguard.

They all offer a pull-through bridge, which will be familiar to guitarists, and means you don’t have to cut or knot your strings. These new ukuleles come with a custom-voiced preamp system with tone controls, so you have full control over your sound.

Fender Fullerton Ukulele Pricing

The new Fender Fullerton models are accessibly priced at $199.99, so if you fall in love with them you won’t have to break the bank to get one.

Are you thinking about picking up one of these new Fender Fullerton Ukuleles?

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