Best Washer/Dryer Combos

Figuring out the best washer/dryer combo can be difficult, especially with so many options on the market. There are certain things more important than others, like capacity, space/size, how sturdy the washer/dryer will be, features, and how much laundry is being done. Getting a washer and dryer that doesn’t meet your needs will quickly send you back to the drawing board.

The first step in determining the right choice is research. You’ll want to take some time to not only check the mechanics of the washer/dryer, but reliability, price, and features. With so many choices on the market, it’s easy to look at the shiny knobs and lights but neglect the things you really need. Knowing the washer and dryer ratings help make an informed decision. Here are 10 washer/dryer pairs and combos to consider.

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LG TITAN BUNDLE SPECIAL!-Complete 29 Buy on Amazon

Offered by Mega Capacity Titan Set, if you’re looking for an ultra-large capacity washer, this is it. 29” and a 5.2 cu. ft. tub gives you the space to do more loads in less time. Beautifully presented in a graphite steel color with matching pedestals, there’s more than what meets the eye.

Pros: 12 wash programs, steam technology, TurboWash 2.0 technology, matching electric 29” steam dryer, front load

Cons: May be bulky, cost, the learning curve

Final thoughts: Low water consumption and the ability to fight against wrinkling, stains and orders help reduce the need to ironing, cutting time for busy people who have to “fit” laundry into their schedules.

2. ElectroLux Front Load Laundry Pair

Front loading washers remove stains better and the Electrolux is no exception. One of the best on the market in this area, the 27” washer holds standard and large loads with ease. The dryer does a good job without overheating clothing.

Pros: 27” size, front load washer, stain removal capabilities, reversible door, special compartment for pods

Cons: hoses not included; power cord not included; reliability, problems with powdered detergent, narrow vent dryers

Final thoughts: This is a good set to have, but the reliability of the washer in protecting clothing, and the dryer with issues of thoroughly drying clothes may make you reconsider.

3. GE Front Load Steam Washer and Gas Dryer Pair

GE is a household name, and this 27” washer and dryer pair have a lot to offer. This washer properly steams clothing to fully remove any dirt, stains or odors. The second asset is the dryer, run on natural gas to evenly dry clothing even when the power is out.

Pros: Front load, gas, size, efficiency, reputation

Cons: learning curve, cost, gas,

Final thoughts: In an era where electricity is supreme, this set is a great way to cut down on an electric bill. For homes where laundry is an everyday occurrence, this set helps increase productivity and efficiency while still being within a competitive cost range.



Step into the 21st century with this washer dryer combo in graphite steel. A ventless condensing option to wash and dry at any time. Use Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to start or stop your cycle. Smartphone assistants also indicate when the load is done.

Pros: Smart technology, lightweight, 110-volt usage, one machine, ventless drying

Cons: Needs a drain, software issues, shaking, customer service, needs an anchor

Final thoughts: A great step into new technology, but there are some kinks that need to be worked out, especially with the software. Although the washer and dryer work well, the other underlying issues must be resolved before it’s labeled a true winner.

5. GE Unitized Spacemaker Washer with Stainless Steel Basket and Large Capacity Dryer

GE GUD27ESSMWW Unitized Spacemaker 3.8 Washer with Stainless Steel Basket and 5.9 Cu. Ft. Capacity Electric Dryer, White Buy on Amazon

The stackable combo has been a staple for a long time. This 3.8 washer and 5.9 cu. ft. electric dryer comes highly recommended for their ability to get the job done, handling different fabrics and soils.

Pros: 11 wash cycles, indicator lights, load sensor, stackable, space saver

Cons: heavy, design, inability to take apart, noise, rough on clothes

Final thoughts: Although GE is known for its products and affordable price, this little workhorse may need an overhaul. The large capacity washer and dryer are a plus, but that doesn’t take away from other underlying issues. In its class, it may be one of the best but the design needs a revamp to remain competitive.

6. LG WM3998HBA 4.5 cu. Ft. Front Load Washer & Dryer Combo

LG WM3998HBA 4.5 cu.ft. Front Load Washer & Dryer Combo Buy on Amazon

LG is known for their products, and this washer/dryer combo is no exception. 4.5 large capacity, the dimensions are 30.75 x 27 x 39 inches and comes in black. Weighs 214 pounds. A direct-drive motor with 10-year limited warranty, this may be a great choice for individuals doing large and heavy loads.

Pros: Front-load, ultra-large capacity, AAFA Certified, ventless condensing drying, 6 motion turbowash technology

Cons: Price, weight, cannot dry without washing first, can take 2 ½ to 3 hours to wash and dry.

Final thoughts: For those who need a powerhouse of a machine to do the work, this would be a good choice, even on the pricey side. The front-load feature speeds up activity and works well at removing stubborn stains.

7. LG Ventless 4.3 cu. Ft. Capacity Steam Washer/Dryer Combination

This electric LG washer/dryer combo is a powerful 226 pounds. The dimensions are 30x32x43 inches, making it a standard fit for an average-sized washroom space. Comes in white and offers versatile options to accommodate varied needs.

Pros: 5 temperatures, 4 dry cycles, 14 wash cycles, 8 options, runs on 15-amp household current, never rust stainless steel drum

Cons: takes too long to dry, hard to figure out dry cycles, can’t turn drum lights on separately, not ventless, price

Final thoughts: Once the learning curve is over, this machine is a workhorse. With a 4.3 cu. ft. drum, washing comforters, and other heavy items is easy to accomplish without too much fuss. This efficient energy saver will make washing and drying a lot easier to manage.

8. Splendide White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer

Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer Buy on Amazon

This washer/dryer combo is on the affordable side. Durable enough for RV and marine use, the dimensions are 33-1/8” Height x 23-1/2” Width x 22-5/8” Depth. With 10 wash cycles and 3 dry cycles, users will be able to complete washing without worry.

Pros: efficient, super-silent, good for RVs, price, takes up minimal space

Cons: requires maintenance cleaning, no lint screen, small loads only, loud when spins, the learning curve

Final thoughts: This is a nice combo that does the job for those traveling from place to place. Affordable and useful, it’s a great way to handle your needs without skimping on quality.

9. Equator 2020 24” Combo Washer/Dryer

Equator 2020 24 Buy on Amazon

This washer/dryer combo by Equator delivers everything you need for washing, drying and more. It is the winner of these awards: ADEX Platinum Award for Design Excellence, Tec Home Brilliance, and Global Innovation. Also wins the VIP Award for high-efficiency washers and sets the standard in this class.

Pros: Dual venting fans, color-coded control panel, award winner, energy-efficient, super quiet noise level

Cons: problems with drying, loud noises, cost, long cycles, wrinkled clothing

Final thoughts: The washer/dryer combo provides a lightweight look and feel at 33.5 inches high x 23.5-inches wide x 22-inches deep. Holds 13 lb. loads, has a one-button convertible venting/condensing drying system and offers a one-year parts and labor warranty. If you’re looking for an all-in-one that performs, this is it.